A Guide To Finding A Good Pure Protein Shake

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A Guide To Finding A Good Pure Protein Shake

When looking for good sources of protein, be it supplements, powders, or shake mixes, there are a set number of brands that can be a good first step towards finding the right product for you lifestyle. Protein supplementation is not all just about powders and pills; protein shakes a great alternative source for protein needs of any situation or body type. One of the most popular brands of protein supplementation, Pure Protein, should be looked at by any customer who is not sure which supplement to purchase. You can find their products in most department stores including, Target and Walmart for a fairly decent price, but don’t forget about the possibility of buying in bulk online at Amazon.com, or straight from the Pure Protein website.

Pure Protein is the producer for protein bars, shakes, and powders. They tend to be gluten free in mixture, and are open to a wide variety of lifestyles and workout schedules, so picking one up on your way to the gym is fairly simple.

For the purpose of time restraint however, let’s take a look at some of the different shake related products that Pure protein has to offer.

Pure Protein 35g 11 Ounce Shake (Pack of 12)

There are many notable features that you can read about right on the can, such as how this shake provides you with 35 grams of protein per can. It is advised however that you use this product in association with an intense daily exercise program and a balanced diet including an adequate caloric intake.

It tastes good, but it is intended to be drank in moderation and it is meant to improve your ability to exercise, not replace it.

One of the benefits of drinking a Pure Protein shake versus using protein powder supplements is that they can be used either before or after a workout, making them more than adaptable to your workout schedule. Everything is already measured out for you, so you won’t have to waste any more time measuring out the perfect two scoops of protein into your water or milk.

These products are designed to be mobile, while bulky powder containers are far harder to carry outside the house, thus offering a convenient way to get your fill of protein supplementation. There are some carbs true, but in the grand scheme of things, four carbs is not too bad, and can easily be burned off in a day’s rest.

There is a good variety of flavors to choose from, so you won’t be stuck with chocolate if you are allergic or simply don’t like the taste.

This praise does not mean it is a perfect product however. There is a total of 160 calories that come from the can alone, and there is a danger that comes from drinking too much of them.

Be careful not to exceed your daily caloric intake. Once in awhile a customer will claim that the taste of these shares is less than pleasant, but that is entirely subjective.

If you are looking to drink a lot of these over a period of a couple of weeks then buying in bulk may be more profitable for you, otherwise feel free to buy one when you come across it on a workout day. 

Pure Protein 23g 11 Ounce Shake (4 pack)

This product is more or less the same product as the 35 gram protein shake can that was just analyzed, however there is a difference in consistency. This bottle comes with 23 grams of protein, 1 gram of sugar, and a total of 120 calories per bottle.

Similarly to the canned shakes, these 11 ounce bottles are a good source of calcium for the body. It tends to be the more budget friendly option, as you buy them in packs of four rather than twelve. For people who are looking for a small portion of protein, this size of bottle seems to be a good fit.

They provide more protein than Pure Protein snack bars, however they are much lower in calories, and can be consumed better on a day to day basis.

The major disadvantage with these smaller bottles is that, sometimes, when refrigerated, customers have reported a strange texture when drinking, giving these bottles a lower general rating, both on Amazon and on the Pure Protein homepage, than their canned counterpart.

These bottles also come in less variety. On Amazon, only the vanilla and chocolate flavors can be found, so for those of you who love drinking your strawberry flavored protein, you will have to stick to the can.

So, If I Want to Buy a Pure Protein Shake, What Size Should I Buy?

Both the cans and the bottles show benefits in portability and appropriate amounts of protein for day to day consumption. If it had to be put down to a conclusion, the cans are great to drink day to day, for those who exercise five to six days a week.

However, if you are not someone who enjoys drinking the same thing each day, and don’t intend to buy another pack of Pure Protein shakes each and every week, then buying the four pack of the bottles is suggested.

Regardless of which you choose, these are in fact pretty good products if you are looking for an alternative to powder based protein supplementation, and prove too good for any price budget you may have for protein consumption.

Do keep in mind however that these are intended to be used during workout period, and are not just a tasty snack, and are not meant to replace meals. It’s best not to let children consume these either, as they are better off getting their protein and calcium from more natural sources like meat, eggs, and good old fashioned milk.

This would be great for you if you are planning to work out regularly, and are looking for a supplement in addition to your normal diet. However, this does not mean that you cannot take it when you are not exercising.

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