How to Flavour Unflavoured Protein Powder: Tips and Tricks

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How to Flavour Unflavoured Protein Powder

Many protein powder users are looking for alternative ways on how to flavour unflavoured protein powder—they just don’t like the taste of plain protein powder mixed with water. Meanwhile, others get tired of drinking the same thing every single day. Many also want to steer clear of artificial flavours and sweeteners that are widely present in flavoured protein powders. The good thing about plain protein powder is its versatility. You have a lot of options when it comes to leveling up the taste of your protein shakes and smoothies. The key is to find the right ingredients that would work well for both your protein powder and your palate.

Know your Protein Source

As there are a lot of varieties of protein powder available on the market, it is wise to know the base ingredient of the protein powder you are using. Being familiar with its source will help you identify the best ingredients to pair your protein powder with.

The rice-based protein is on the sweeter side while pea-based protein is more on the savory spectrum. Casein and whey protein powders are known to be bitter depending on the brand and its manufacturing.

What is the point of knowing these details? Well, they say knowledge is power. If you know the taste of your base ingredient—that earthy or nutty flavour of plain protein powder—it would then be easier to find ingredients that will complement your concoction.

Fruits Are your Friends

Unflavoured protein powder is so easy to work with. You can choose from different vegetables and fruits to add a distinct flavour to the mix. Fruits such as apples and melons have natural sweeteners that can work well with the bland taste of plain protein powder. Pop them into your blender, hit the right buttons and enjoy your fruity-flavoured smoothies or shakes.

Moreover, many hailed bananas as the best accompaniment to protein shakes. You can use either fresh or frozen banana, throw in some ice and a bit of nut butter. Blend these, and you will have a sweet and refreshing banana and nut butter protein smoothie. This is a recipe that is well-loved by fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders from all over the world.
On the health-conscious side of things, we also like to remind you that fruits tend to have higher sugar content. Whenever you prepare your smoothies or shakes, always be conscious of the number of fruits you use to ensure that you do not go over the limit of your sugar and calorie intake.


Some prefer thin and watery beverage. This is because they can drink it quickly without any hassle. On the other hand, some recommend using thicker liquids to pair with the protein powder to mask the taste. If you opt the thin and watery liquid consistency, you can use teas to help liven up the flavour of your drink. Teas come in all sorts of variations such as berries, strawberries, raspberries or acai. The trick is finding the flavour that sits well with you.

Smoothies and Shakes

Another popular option on how to flavour unflavoured protein powder is through smoothies and shakes. You can use milk substitutes like soy or almond milk. Almond milk has a sweet and nutty flavour that goes well with bananas or nut butter.

Natural and Artificial Sweeteners

Sugar and sweeteners are proven to mask the taste of protein powder. You can try adding sugar, honey, stevia, or other natural sweeteners to your drink. However, only use sweeteners in moderation especially if you are conscious of your sugar intake. There are also other healthier alternatives available such as various nut butter and fruit juices.


Many have tried using yogurt to give their shake some zing. It is a great way to have variations, and at the same time, it can help thicken your shake. This can be a hit or miss; some swear that yogurt results in a creamy shake while others abhor the combination. Try it out for yourself, and you might have just found your new favorite drink—or not.


Aside from using fruits, vegetables can also give a savory taste to your plain protein powder. Use green, leafy vegetables like kale and spinach. If you are not too keen on gulping down some green juice, good alternatives are carrots and beets. These vegetables surprisingly offer flavour to your shakes, smoothies, and juices. When using fruits or vegetables, it is advisable that you use a blender to come up with a nice consistency.


The age-old favourite of young and adult protein powder consumers is chocolate. You can use a hot chocolate mix or unsweetened cocoa to achieve this delicious blend. A word of warning though, cocoa powder does not mix well without a blender. To achieve a smoother consistency, it is recommended that you use a blender or a nice shaker bottle.

How to Flavour Unflavoured Protein Powder: Last Thoughts

The ingredients mentioned above are just some of the dozens of variations you can combine with your protein powder. The great thing about using a plain protein powder is that you are not limited to a single flavour. Admit it; it can get boring to drink the same thing every single day. With an unflavoured protein powder, you can easily mix things up depending on your mood.

You can go for chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or any other delightful flavours available. Be creative and explore all your options. There is an unlimited array of flavours to discover and enjoy.

To sum it up, making an unflavoured protein powder flavoured is not a hard task to do. In fact, using it definitely has a lot of advantages. Meanwhile, there is also nothing wrong with sticking to plain protein powder. If it is more convenient for you or you just prefer it over the unbelievably flavoured ones then so be it. But if you are up for exploring varieties and taking control of what you drink, then knowing the different ways on how to flavour unflavoured protein powder is just one click away.

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