How to Get Protein Powder to Dissolve: Tips & Tricks

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How to Get Protein Powder to Dissolve

Protein drinks and shakes are all the raves right now. It is the best way to re-energize after an intense workout, but clumpy protein powder is not a drink you will love. Here we are going to discuss on how to get protein powder to dissolve quickly. It will make it more appetizing and palatable to drink. Read through some of the ways to prevent clumpy and chunky protein drinks.

Blenders and Shakers

The easiest way to prevent clumpy and chunky protein powder in your drink is to use a blender or shaker cups. First, put the recommended number of scoops according to the product label and instructions. Second, pour your liquid whether it is milk, water or juice. Lastly, when using a shaker cup, secure the lid of the cup and shake vigorously.

For blenders, you may opt to use the pulse function of your machine and then blend until clumps disappear. One thing that you can also do with protein powder is to make a smoothie. You can add ice or fruits to the mix and blend well. This will make the protein powder well-blended and smoother to drink.

Correct Liquid Amount Is Key

Believe it or not, the simplest answer on how to get protein powder to dissolve easily is through water. Most of the protein powder sold on the market provide a detailed instruction and liquid volume recommendation. Therefore, to avoid any clumps in your drink you just have to make sure that you are following the right amount of liquid to be mixed for serving.

Usually, one scoop of protein powder would need eight ounces of water to dissolve the mix. Of course, this ratio varies depending on the product so make sure you read the label for you to know the right amount.

Liquid Before Powder

Another suggestion that most users recommend is to pour in water first then add isopure protein powder. Most of the time we do it the other way around which results in having the protein powder sit at the bottom of the glass or bottle making shaking or stirring difficult. Following the said suggestion will likely avoid this mishap.

How to Get Protein Powder to Dissolve with a Spoon

Sometimes, the simplest solution is to use the basics. If you do not have any access to a blender or shaker, a good old-fashioned glass and spoon can also to work to your advantage. Keep in mind that you need to add the correct ratio of liquid and powder. Stir everything together with your spoon. Once all the clumps and chunks are gone, drink straight from the glass. Bottom’s up!

It Is All About the Mixture

Protein powder mixes are not all made the same. When it comes to consistency and mixes, some are far better than the other. There are protein powders that easily mix and blend well without any effort, while there are also some that take a lot of stirring and blending to get that annoying clump to disappear.

The solution is to know your protein powder brand, though it may take a few trial and errors to find the one that agrees with your taste and preference. The best thing you could do is research and if possible do a lot of taste tests. To help with this check out out protein powder guide to help find the best protein powder for you.

If All Else Fails, Change Your Recipe

When all of the ways and tricks above have failed you, there is only one thing left to do, and that is to change your recipe. Perhaps the brand of the protein powder you bought just does not cut it. There is no point wasting that powder by not using it.

Surprisingly, there are a lot of other ways—or shall we say recipes—on how to get protein powder to dissolve without making a drink or a smoothie.

One recipe you can look into is the protein pancake. This is a great breakfast staple and one you can easily do even if you have a limited amount of time. You can prepare your batter beforehand, mix well and flip those pancakes. To top everything off, you can add nuts, fruits or syrups to your delicious pancakes. The protein powder blends with the batter, making it easy for you to get your necessary protein intake without having to deal with nasty chunky lumps.

Not into pancakes? Try protein crepes. Just add more water to the batter, and you are good to go.
Another recipe that you can easily make is protein powder oats. The simple addition of protein powder to your oats makes it a delightful and interesting breakfast. Who says oatmeal has to be boring? You can spice everything up and add your favorite fruits to this wonderful breakfast meal.

Final Thoughts

You will always have dozens of ways to solve your clumpy-protein-powder problem. The easiest one is to get a blender or a shaker—a press of a button and those annoying clumps and chunks would disappear in a matter of seconds. Aside from protein powder smoothies and shakes, there are a lot of uses for this reliable kitchen appliance so you will ultimately get your money’s worth.

Next is to check the quality of your brand. As mentioned before, some brands dissolve easily while others do not. It all boils down to the quality and mixture of your product. Make sure to read the label and the instructions. If you use the right amount of water and powder then most probably you will have a smoother drink at the end.

Lastly, when all these recommended ways on how to get protein powder to dissolve do not work, change your game plan. You can research some great recipes to use your protein powder and maximize its potential—make some breakfast pancakes, brownies or oats.

Check out easy-to-follow recipes online.

The key is to have an open mind and be adventurous. Sometimes you will never know whether something really works. You just have to try these things out and decide for yourself which works best and which does not.

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