PlantFusion Complete Plant Protein Review

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PlantFusion Complete Plant Protein Review

Proteins are necessary for regenerating and rebuilding muscle tissue. They contain amino acids that provide several vitamins and minerals critical to physical development.

Eating fish, meat, eggs, and dairy products can supply protein to your body, but spending cash for high-protein meals is financially challenging, especially when there is more convenient and cost-efficient way to do it.

Protein powder is proven to be an effective alternative to high-protein meals. Pro athletes, gym enthusiasts, and carbs-conscious people use protein powder. They find it to be an excellent dietary supplement for managing muscles and controlling physical wellness.

Whey protein powder is popular as a cost-effective supplement. It is good for people undergoing a balanced diet. PlantFusion Complete Plant Protein is made of the popular whey protein powder in the market. It provides excellent healthy benefits at an affordable price.

PlantFusion Complete Plant Protein

A plant-based whey protein powder, PlantFusion Complete Plant Protein is free of allergens, gluten, dairy, and soy. In every 30g of this protein powder (equivalent to 1 scoop), there are 21g of protein, 120 calories, 2g of Fat, and 0g of saturated fat.

It also has 4500mg of BCAA –1210mg of Isoleucine, 1950mg of Leucine, and 1340mg of Valine. The formula also has 3350mg of Glutamine, an essential amino acid that releases energy for the muscle and repairs tissue from workouts and stress.

The formula is concentrated from plants such as peas, quinoa, artichokes, and amaranth. It does not have any animal-based ingredients, and it uses natural sweeteners that make the product ideal for Vegans. The product is hypoallergenic, and all ingredients are non-GMO (it is environmentally and medically safe).

People who love different flavors will like PlantFusion Complete Plant Protein. The product is available in chocolate, chocolate raspberry, cookies and crème, vanilla bean, and natural unflavored. The product is available in two sizes, 1lb, and 2lbs, each with different prices.

The powder is very easy to mix, and the flavor is versatile. You can be creative with this protein powder; you can add yogurt, almond milk, fruit, or scoops of ice cream, and turn it into your favorite smoothie.


  • Plant-based whey protein powder with no additives, dairy, or soy.
  • The product does not contain any animal-based ingredient. Plus, it uses natural sweeteners all Vegans and Vegetarians would love.
  • Hypoallergenic with non-GMO ingredients; medically and environmentally safe.
  • High-protein in a single
  • Delicious flavors for people who love fun with their protein shake.
  • High BCAA and Glutamine contents for healthy physical development.
  • Perfect for gym enthusiasts, busy professionals, students, moms, and for people under medication that are modified to stomach high-protein products.
  • The price is cheap compared to other brands with the same protein content.


  • The product uses three natural sweeteners: Fructose (naturally occurring from fruits), Glycine (a sweet-tasting amino acid), and stevia, which makes the formula way too sweet. People having issues on sweets may not prefer taking this product.
  • Because of the overpowering sweetness and strong flavor, it may be somewhat difficult to mask the taste. Adding fruit, milk, and other products cannot just diminish the overwhelming taste.
  • The formula serves 390mg of sodium per serving; this may be tolerable if sodium content is not an issue, but, in a nutshell, it can cause food cravings and fluid retention.


If you want an affordable, high-protein supplement for your weight management or endurance training, then PlantFusion Complete Plant Protein is good for you. It has healthy qualities – high BCAA and Glutamine content. You can enjoy various flavors and choose a tub size that your pocket can only afford.

The sodium level may be intriguing, as it can trigger something difficult to resist and can ruin your whole diet program – food cravings! Moreover, the product has a high level of sweetness.

The great thing about this product is that it does not have soy (which is preferred by people with soy intolerance), dairy, and additives. The ingredients are organic and hypoallergenic.

Possible Alternative

Spend a little more, and you can buy NuZest Clean Lean Protein. The same applies to PlantFusion Complete Plant Protein, NuZest provides 21g of protein, except that it only requires 25g of powder per serving. It is made from premium Golden Pea protein.

It is favorable for Vegans because it is dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free. Also, all ingredients are GMO-free. Available in 5 different flavors, you will surely love indulging it.

The formula has a high level of BCAA and boasts nine essential amino acids. This protein powder incorporates well with various recipes either for smoothies or baking.


PlantFusion Complete Plant Protein is perfect for those who want a cost-efficient plant-based protein powder that can help manage total wellness. It is good for the busy-doers who have difficulty in maintaining a healthy diet.

But remember, eating real foods with high-protein should not be forgotten. A healthy diet with regular exercise will help you achieve your diet goals.

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