Post Workout Supplements

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Post Workout Supplements

Are you looking to lose weight or just want to gain some extra muscle? Perhaps you’re just looking to add more protein into your diet for health purposes. Are you aware that one of the best times to use protein supplements is after you have already finished your workout?  Protein supplements are one of the many great ways to ensure that your workout is going to be worth it.

Many protein supplements pride themselves on being entirely organic, gluten free, kosher friendly, and fit for any sort of vegetarian or vegan diet that you may be a part of. This does not mean that they are the right products for post workout consumption.

So how do you know what the best post workout supplement look like? In the field of health and diet, there are all sorts of scientific mumbo jumbo that gets thrown around, and any customer can get distracted from what is most important for their situation.

Most gym members and bodybuilders drink protein shakes and use protein powders following their workout for the simple reason that they are easier to digest than natural proteins found in meat and eggs. After workout, revitalizing the protein count in your body is very important, so you want a reliable protein supplement that is also budget friendly, especially if you are looking to work out quite a bit.

Where Should You Get Started When Looking For Post Workout Supplements?

A good starting point for anyone looking at post workout supplements is peeking at the Sheer BCAA Amino Acid Capsule brand. This is a best selling product that advertises first the different types of benefits you will gain by using the products.

These include building muscle faster, burning fat quicker, easily recovering from your workout, and adding muscle to your body as a whole. If you are not looking to gain a lot of muscle, and want to burn a lot of fat, focusing on getting your body to look skinnier, this product may turn you off.

It is important to keep in mind that building muscle, even a minimal amount of muscle, can aid in burning fat faster. Still, this product is mainly for building muscle in the body, and those looking to focus on more cardio based workouts may not look deeply into buying from this brand.

These are capsules, not the traditional protein powders that you usually can find from these brands. That being said, they are more about results than about taste.

The capsules themselves are not meant to be taken with water, and while you can dissolve them in water, they won’t taste very good. For someone looking for a tastier protein supplement that won’t torture his or her taste buds, you may want to look elsewhere.

Lastly, Sheer BCAA is a more masculine product, devoted to building up testosterone in the body. Unfortunately for women, this product may not be a clean fit, and you may have to look elsewhere as well.

What Are Some Protein Supplements That Aren’t All About Muscles Building?

Not every post workout protein supplement is about building massive amounts of muscle in the body. Take, for instance, the BSN AMINO X Endurance & Recovery Powder brand of protein supplements.

Some of this brand’s most exciting features are that it tastes delicious and mixes well with drinks, so you don’t need to worry about forcing it down your throat. As the name of the product implies, it is an endurance based powder.

Unlike with the Sheer BCAA brand, this product is more open to those looking to build up their runner or swimmer body, and is not all about growing the muscles in your arms or legs. This brand is also made more for recovery purposes.

People looking to gain more energy after a long endurance based workout are especially encouraged to buy this product. It is a good quality price for your dollar value, and comes in a large variety of fruity flavors.

This is not the type of protein supplement you will want to take if you are looking to enter the Mr. Universe competition, but it is great for the individual who is just starting a lifestyle based on daily workout. As with most protein supplement powders, you want to wait about half an hour following your workout before you consume a scoop of this powder.

You need to give your muscles time to relax and wind down before beginning the recovery process. You may not want to bring a bag of this with you to the gym, but you can certainly have this 30 servings container waiting for you when you get home.

It is also not very high in calories, so taking it after every workout should not have any unforeseen side effects on your weight.

Are These Supplements Good For Dietary Purposes Alone Or Must You Workout To Reap The Benefits?

With most protein supplements, some form of exercise is required, whether it be weight lifting or strictly cardio. Take the Sheer BCAA brand for example, customer feedback has explained to future customers that while keeping a good diet and using their products can in fact be beneficial, there are designed for post workout purposes.

Maybe you look strictly to improve your diet and haven’t worked out in months. If so, you may want to look into buying something that resembles the BSN brand. Using the Sheer BCAA brand would most likely counteract what you were trying to do with your diet, and the product would be essentially useless.

So What Is The Right One For You?

As it has been explained before in this product analysis, the type of supplement that you should be buying tends to come down to the type of post workout scenario you will be looking at. If your workouts are quick and strength driven, try something from Sheer BCAA, if you do not mind the bitter taste.

If you want something fruity and delicious as a treat after your five mile run, then be sure take a look at a BSN product. For the most part, prices of supplements tend to be consistent across the board, so most of what you are going to be looking at is the chemical construct of the products.  Still not sure? Check out our review of EAS protein powder here.


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