Protein Powder: How To Save Up And Reduce Cost of Purchase

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How To Save Up And Reduce Cost of Purchase

Protein is an essential macronutrient which everyone needs primarily to build muscles and other body tissues. Taking up a protein powder is one way to get additional protein for your body needs. Thus, knowing how much a protein powder costs and how you will be able to save up and reduce the cost of your purchase will be helpful once you buy one. There are various protein powder products that are being sold today. When choosing for the right one, there are practically many things to consider and one of them which most of us probably look for is the price of it besides its quality. Taking this into account, we’ve come up with useful tips that you can use the next time you go to a store to purchase one.

What is a Protein Powder

First of all, let us give you a little background on protein powder. Protein powders are commonly found in the forms of whey, soy and casein protein. Whey is the most commonly used among the three due to it being water-soluble. These are taken by people usually after a workout. For busy people or for those who eat less food and gets less protein, consuming protein powder is their alternative and a big advantage for them.

Protein powder is especially great because you can get almost 100% pure protein from it with no carbs or extra calories. If you are the person who wants to add up more protein to your body without getting undesired carb or fat calories then, this is definitely made for you.

Choosing Inexpensive Yet High-Quality Protein Powder

Sometimes, it’s not just the quality but also the price of the product that we carefully examine. The same applies when buying for protein powders. We look for the less expensive ones without overlooking the quality of the product. This comes handy when you’re quite in a tight budget and seeks to save up some money by choosing the cheaper one with the same quality as the other ones with higher prices.

Cheaper Brand

Choose a cheaper brand instead of the heavily branded ones when buying for a protein powder. Apparently, choosing the latter will cost you more because you are actually buying for its brand more than its product content. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to opt for cheap brands all the time. There’s always an exception but what matters is that you purchase a cheaper brand without overlooking the nutritional profile of the product. Have a list of different brands of protein powders and then pick the cheapest yet high-quality product among them.

Product Content

Given two products with the same price, you may want to look at their nutritional profile to decide what to pick between them. For example, both A and B costs $80. A offers 40 servings per container while B offers 50 servings per container.

Now, what sets them apart is the number of servings you get and B is obviously a better choice between the two as you get 10 more servings at the same price. Always bear in mind that a protein powder’s ingredients label can be a determinant when buying one. Do not just look at how cool or beautiful the packaging is.

Also make sure that the protein powder you are going to buy contains as much protein as you need. Don’t always assume that all of them have the same number of protein per serving. For example, a pricey and high-quality whey powder may contain 70-90% protein while a cheap one may comprise of as little as 30-40%.

That may translate more carbs and fats with an addition of filler ingredients such as lecithin and other thickening agents. That will definitely sacrifice the quality of the product for the price and will just cost you more in the long run. Take a look at the label behind the product and see to it that you purchase one with the highest protein content.

Protein Powder’s Container Volume

Let’s face it most of the expensive products are often sold in small packages. This thing can also be observed when looking at the protein powders available in the market today. If you notice, costly and heavily branded ones are usually packaged in small containers.

However, as opposed to that, cheaper ones are sold in bigger containers and sometimes with higher volumes. You can take advantage of that by purchasing less expensive protein powders in bulk. This will mean less expense on protein and you can just conveniently scoop one from a wide-mouth container and add it to your diet.

It will not really matter over a single purchase but as you buy it in bulk, you will realize that you will save up more money for shop trips and online purchases everytime you easily run out of protein powder.

Doing The Math

There are instances when people can’t just meet the recommended amount of protein their body needs. Otherwise, weight trainers want to regularly use one for some reason. Therefore, if you will consume it for like a year, you might want to choose one that’s less expensive and good for the long run, money wise.

Take this one as an example – A with $90 price tag will cost you $1,080 per year while B which costs $60 will give you only $720 per year. It just makes sense for you to choose the latter as this will help you save up a whooping $360 every year and that’s already a lot. Of course, don’t forget to consider the factors above before changing your product.

It is always good to find ways on how you can save up more money on protein powder purchases. However, keep in mind that you are doing it not at the expense of sacrificing the product quality. By using this useful guide, you will be able to effectively reduce the costs when you buy one and at the same time enjoy its wonderful benefits.

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