Protein Powder vs Creatine

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Protein Powder vs Creatine

There are several supplements available in the market geared towards improving muscle growth and development. Such supplements target athletes and anyone looking to have an optima body building.  Most of these supplements are made of an assortment of ingredients, with some common ones that vary only in quantity or sub-type.

If you are a fitness expert, or are in the process of building muscle mass for an over-all fitter body, then you might consider protein powder or Creatine. Because these products are often confused with each other, this post compares them in terms of features, pharmaceutical form and benefits.

Protein Powder

Protein Powder is a substance that serves as a supplement to boost your intake of protein. When it comes to body building, it is important that you take a higher dosage of protein to help your muscles build up. There are several brands for protein powder out in the market, and this is commonly consumed through mixing a scoop, which ranges from 20g to as much as 30g.

These brands differ in chemical composition. Some of them contain Whey or Hydrolyzed Protein, while others are composed of other nutrients, such as amino acids, fiber, glutamine, and other ingredients deemed necessary to reduce unnecessary body weight and gain more weight for muscles.

Protein powders can be found under different brand names, and with different chemical components. Each brand claims to be different, unique and ideal for muscle building.

Accordingly, a small search online can help you decide on the right brand for you. You might want to check the customer reviews of the product for more information.

The other uses or purposes for consumption of Protein Powder include diet plans, a shift to a vegan or vegetarian diet, to boost the growth of the body, especially among the teens, and as a recovery aid recovery in the case of injuries involving muscles, such as sprains, and other tissues that need repair.

In terms of price, Protein Powder is one which is exponentially more expensive than Creatine. Moreover, some people don’t find the mixing process for protein powders convenient at all, which may lead them to resort to taking in other supplements, especially the ones in tablet form.


Creatine is another popular substance among gym-goers and body builders. It is not one of the essential vitamins and minerals that the body needs, but rather a substance whose primary purpose is to supply energy to all of the body’s cells, most especially to the muscles.

When it comes to heavy or intense workouts therefore, Creatine is more commonly consumed, but it could also be used in conjunction with Protein Powders and Amino Acid tablets.

Creatine is administered primarily through ingesting tablets or capsules. According to health experts, since creatine serves as a means of increasing energy to the muscles, it is also ideal to use in physical activities apart from the gym, especially those which entail a huge amount of physical effort, including softball, sprinting, and baseball.

Similar to Protein Powders, it is also expected that the regular intake of Creatine would most definitely lead to an increase in weight. While it would be water weight in the first few days, the gain from muscle growth would be obtained later.

The several studies concerning the effects of Creatine on health strongly indicate that it does not have any adverse effects on the body.

Apart from the easier means of administering Creatine, it is also very affordable. At just a minimal cost compared to the Protein Powder, you can increase muscle growth and facilitate its over-all development by increasing its power.


While both Protein Powder and Creatine are taken for similar purposes, mainly to hasten the growth and development of muscles, it’s important to note that these substances have different effects on each individual.

Certain substances may not work to carry out the indicated purpose as well as other substances, and it would also be important to make sure that you would not experience any adverse effects in taking whatever substance you opt to take.

For these to really work, you have to exercise and observe a healthy and well-balanced kind of diet. No supplement is effective without a healthy lifestyle.

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