How to Use Hemp Protein Powder: Your Options

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How to Use Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp protein is derived from the cannabis sativa plant. It has become a popular option for fitness enthusiasts that are eager to increase their protein intake. This kind of protein is also an option for vegans and individuals with soy, gluten or dairy sensitivities. If you are interested in this protein supplement, then it is significant that you know how to use hemp protein powder to maximize its benefits. There are dozens of ways you can incorporate this protein powder into your diet and lifestyle. Read on below to know more about this protein powerhouse.

The Basics of Hemp Protein

Many have touted the hemp protein as the best vegan protein powder. It contains the 20 amino acids that your body needs including the nine essential amino acids that the body needs from an outside source such as food.

In a nutshell, hemp protein can help improve memory and brain functions. It also helps prevent and sometimes treat diseases. Now that we mentioned some of the wonderful things hemp protein can do for your well-being let us discuss all the other ways on how to use hemp protein powder.

Smoothies and Shakes

The most basic way to consume hemp protein powder is by incorporating it into your favorite drink. It is easy to mix this protein powder to your smoothie or shake for breakfast or as rewarding drink pre- or post-workout. There is also a wide range of recipes you can find on the internet to give your otherwise boring drink some flair and flavor.

If you are not soy, dairy or gluten-averse, you can mix hemp protein powder with milk or any of its variants— soy or almond milk. Fruits and green leafy vegetables can also add a great taste to your basic smoothies and shakes.

Oftentimes, hemp protein powder shakes and smoothies can also be a replacement meal. Just be wary of the calories in your recipe, if you add a lot of fruits and greens, then it could be contributing more calories as opposed to being a well-balanced meal replacement.

Baked Goodies

If you cannot forego your sweet tooth, then you can try your hand at baking some hemp protein powder brownies. Surprisingly, hemp protein powder is a good substitute for flour. It has a rich, full and nutty flavor that goes well in baked goodies such as brownies and caramel bars. Of course, the taste would not always be the same, but it is closer to the real thing and a healthier option too.

It can work with almost any brownie recipe. You simply need to replace the flour with hemp protein and cocoa powder. Mix them. Add the other ingredients like sweetener and eggs. If you want to make the recipe vegan-friendly, then you can substitute with natural sweeteners and egg alternatives.

Another recipe that you can try is raw brownies. This involves no baking and perfect for those who don’t own an oven. Simply mix hemp protein powder with dried fruits, almond or nut butter, cocoa powder and a bit of vanilla extract. Pour the mixture into a pan and freeze for 15 minutes. Serve.

Breakfast Cereals

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you want a filling but healthier option then add hemp protein powder, coconut flour, natural sweeteners and milk together. You may opt to add some spices like cinnamon for flavor.

Flax and chia seeds can also work as toppings for your cereal. Give the mixture a good stir, and you will have a pudding-like texture. It can definitely be a delicious breakfast that you can prepare on-the-go or even the night before. Now you will have no more excuse that you have little or no time to eat a healthy breakfast.

Protein-Rich Muffins

Who doesn’t love muffins for breakfast? They are delicious and filling. Forego the store-bought muffins that are laden with sugar and calories because it is easy to make your protein-based muffins. You can use any of your regular muffin recipes just replace the flour with a healthier alternative like almond or coconut oats. Add your hemp protein powder and a little baking soda to make it rise. What you’ll get are muffins that can be eaten for breakfast, brunch or snack.

Raw Energy Bites

Raw energy bites are snacks that are gaining quite a lot of popularity in the fitness realm. They are especially popular in gyms and fitness centers because they offer a protein punch in small bite-sized balls.

They are quite easy to make too. Use the hemp protein powder, mix it with non-dairy milk, natural sweeteners, and almond or nut butter. For added texture, you can add coconut flakes and other spices. Roll the mixture into little balls, and you got a ready-to-eat snack.
Not into energy bites? This mixture can also work as energy bars. Follow the same ingredients and methods, the only thing different is you shape it into bars and cut it into any size you want. Of course, these aren’t limited to bites and bars. It’s your snack, shape it however you want.


One of the delightful ways to use protein powder is through pancakes. Who doesn’t love this breakfast staple? It is also easy to make with just four ingredients. The basic recipe includes hemp protein powder, your choice of sweetener, flour and baking powder. Make your mixture out of these ingredients, and you will be serving fluffy pancakes in no time.
Also, if you are not calorie conscious, you can always go crazy over your pancake toppings. Fresh blueberries, strawberries, and cherries make awesome toppings to your pancake stack. You can also never go wrong with maple syrup.

How to Use Hemp Protein Powder: Final Thoughts

As you can see, hemp protein powder is an all-around ingredient. It goes well with your breakfast staples like pancakes and muffins. It is even great to use as a pre- or post-workout boost. Aside from its versatility, it is also a great supplement that can aid digestion, increase brain function and improve overall health.

With the different recipes available online, it will not be difficult to find the one that suits your taste palate. What are you waiting for? Go on and cook up some of the tasty things we enumerated in this article.

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