What is Egg White Protein Powder

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egg white protein powder

Casein and whey protein powder have been two of the most popular food supplements among health enthusiasts since they were first introduced back in the 1990s. While both offer definite benefits, there is another protein powder that you should not be overlooking and that you are definitely going to want to add to the mix: egg white protein powder.

What is egg white protein powder and what type of benefits does it offer? Below, we’ll answer these questions and more.

Egg White Protein Powder Benefits

Typically, egg white protein powder is comprised of egg whites that have been dehydrated and then processed into a very fine powder. A lot of producers of the supplement utilize a spray drying technique in order to create egg white protein powder. The powder is also pasteurized – just like regular eggs – in order to prevent salmonella from developing. The pasteurization process also inactivates a protein known as avidin.

In order to make it a bit tastier, many producers of egg white protein powders add in some flavoring in the form of chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry; however, there are also raw, unflavored varieties available.

Protein in Egg White Protein Powder

It’s no secret that eggs are an excellent source of protein. The majority of that protein is packed into the egg yolk; however, the whites also pack an incredible protein punch. In fact, egg whites contain as many as 40 different types of protein.

Ovalbumin, a type of protein that has carbohydrates connected to it (known as a glycoprotein) makes up the large percentage of proteins in egg whites; about 55 percent. Egg whites also contain ovotransferrin, a type of protein that binds to iron and offers antimicrobial properties, makes up about 10 percent of the protein that egg whites contain. Ovomucin – another form of glycoprotein – makes up about 5 percent of the protein found in egg whites.

While the above-mentioned proteins that egg whites contain are beneficial, there is one that doesn’t offer benefits; in fact, it can be harmful and potential toxic if large amounts of it are consumed. That protein is known as avidin. That’s because this protein binds with a crucial B vitamin – biotin – and removes it from the body, which can lead to a deficiency.

Though avidin only makes up about .5 percent of the protein found in egg whites, consuming large amounts of it can result in serious health complications and could even be toxic. In order to prevent issues, the egg pasteurization process that egg white protein powder goes through deactivates avidin, which prevents it from binding with biotin. Obviously, this ensures the safety of consuming the powder.

Amino Acids in Egg White Protein Powder

Egg whites aren’t just a great source of protein; they’re also packed with amino acids.

Among these are branched chain amino acids, which play a key role in the synthesis of the muscle growth. In fact, scientific studies have found that egg white protein powder is just as effective as stimulating the synthesis of muscle protein as two of the most popular protein powders – casein and whey. The branched chain amino acids found in egg whites include valine, leucine, and isoleucine.

Egg whites also contain arginine, another type of amino acid. It stimulates the production of nitric oxide and dilates blood vessels, which increases the flow of blood to the muscles. As such, this aids in the delivery of higher levels of oxygen, anabolic hormones, and nutrients to the muscles, which allows for higher energy levels, improves muscle recovery, and boosts growth hormone levels. In other words, arginine improves muscle growth.

Egg White Protein Powder and Digestion

Egg white protein powder has a moderate digestion rate, falling between the whey protein powder (which digests rapidly) and casein protein (which digests slowly). It is likely because of this moderate digestion rate that egg white protein has been found to increase the synthesis of protein as well as prevent the breakdown of muscle protein.

By combining egg white protein powder with casein and whey protein powders, you can reap maximum benefits. The varying digestion rates of each type of protein have been found to be the best way to enhance muscle growth. That’s because whey immediately jumpstarts the synthesis of muscle protein, and when it’s done, the egg white protein kicks in, and lastly, the casein will kick in. In other words, combining all three of these protein powders will keep the synthesis of protein turned on for hours after consuming. Additionally, they’ll decrease the breakdown of muscles.

The “Perfect” Protein

As mentioned above, egg whites are high in vital amino acids that play a crucial role in the body’s ability to synthesis muscle building proteins. As such, egg whites are one of the highest quality proteins you can consume. For this reason, they are often referred to as the “perfect” protein.

Reasons to Use Egg White Protein Powder

Wonder if you should add egg white protein powder to your diet? In addition to the above benefits, here’s a look at some of the reasons why you should consider using this supplement:

  • They don’t contain any fat or carbs, which minimizes the amount of processing that it undergoes. It’s also a great option for anyone who is looking to lose weight.
  • If you have an allergy to the proteins in cow’s milk or you are lactose intolerant, egg white protein powder is a great way to get the protein that you need.
  • When egg white protein powder is combined with casein and whey protein powder, you can truly maximize your body’s ability to build muscles.

The Bottom Line: Egg White Protein Powder is Amazing!

If you are looking to step up your body’s ability to build muscles and enhance your strength, you are definitely going to want to add egg white protein powder to your diet. It’s rich in some of the most important proteins, is an excellent source of vital amino acids, and digests at a moderate rate. In short, egg white protein powder is amazing!

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